Workology Video Review of Vault Verify Services – Oct 2022

Hear from Jessica Miller-Merrell, Founder & CEO of Workology, as she provides insights into how the verifications process works.
Jessica reveals her findings regarding employee data permissible use, and the fact that many HR tech vendors repurpose and resell the data provided by HR departments who have outsourced and share that data. She then shares the advantages of the Vault Verify real-time API, where the data is only used for authorized transactions and is never shared or resold to third parties. There is transparency in data usage reports available to clients, so HR departments can see and control data usage of their employee PII.
Jessica then goes on to share how the monetization of that data works and talks about how Vault Verify shares a portion of the transaction revenue with clients, turning their HR department into a revenue-generating department. There are many reasons why companies should hear this and reach out to Vault Verify, as an alternative to the “hidden” employee data monetization practices of other providers of verification services.