Vault EDGe Gateway

With Vault Verify, there are many client benefits from our employment and income verification services. A key advantage gained by clients using our services is the way we access and share data – the Vault EDGe Gateway. The Vault EDGe Gateway is our real-time API between our application and the HCM/payroll platform of each of our clients.

The E-D-G stands for “Employee Data Gateway” and the controls in place give our clients the power to grant employer-sanctioned access to sensitive HR records for select HR tech vendors. You now have a significant EDGe in the pursuit of employee data security and compliance.

How It Works

1. Configure EDGe Gateway

Vault Verify sets up real-time access to
your HCM.

    • Implementation only requires HCM API keys.
    • Setup in under a day.
    • All major HCM platforms supported.

    2. Enable Verification Services

    Vault Verify configures real-time employment and income verification reports.

      • Configurable earning code mapping.
      • Dynamic logos & conditional disclaimers.
      • Real-time reports to sanctioned verifiers.
      • Setup typically under 2 weeks.

      3. Extend EDGe to Partners

      Use the Vault EDGe Gateway to share data with many HR vendors.

        • Access granted only to sanctioned partners.
        • Data is tailored for each partner use case.
        • No cost to implement.

        One Implementation to Enhance Many HR Services

        Which Services Are Enhanced Through the Vault EDGe Gateway?

        • Tax Credits
        • Unemployment Claims
        • I-9 Compliance
        • Employment and Income Verifications
        • Other 3rd Party Integrations
        Tax Credits

        Tax Credits

        Tax credit administrators utilize the Vault EDGe Gateway to quickly identify potential state & federal tax credits based on HCM-housed data such as office locations, employee demographics, and employee retention.


        Unemployment Claims

        Unemployment Claims

        Unemployment claims managers utilize the Vault EDGe Gateway to quickly validate and disposition unemployment claims. Reduction in turnaround times, coupled with more accurate information about the timing and nature of the termination greatly reduces the cost of an employer’s UI program.


        I-9 Compliance

        I-9 Compliance

        I-9 compliance managers utilize the Vault EDGe Gateway to instantly receive automated notifications and essential data from the HCM. Push notifications greatly improve I-9 processing efficiencies and reduce staff labor for new hire onboarding and I-9 management.


        Employment and Income Verifications

        Employment and Income Verifications

        Vault Verify has been trusted for over a decade to provide outsourced employment and income verification services to hundreds of companies. The data for our verification reports is extracted through the Vault EDGe Gateway to ensure up-to-the-second pinpoint accuracy.

        Other 3rd Party Integrations

        Other 3rd Party Integrations

        The HR tech services available through the Vault EDGe Gateway continue to expand. We are always accepting new partners. If you don’t see your current vendor listed, or a service category, let us know and we will contact them to develop an integration.

        • Applicant Tracking​
        • Background Screening​
        • Benefits Administration​​
        • Performance Management​
        • FMLA/Absence Management
        • Talent/Learning Management​
        • Lenders​

        The Vault EDGe Gateway protects against:

        Vendor Lock-In

        Being captive to weak offerings within a bundled services portfolio limits your capabilities. When you can select from our “best-of-breed” vendors in each category, you don’t need to compromise on data protection or compatibility.

        Data Oversharing

        Mass data transfers to an external database risk exposure and may jeopardize compliance. A “least privilege” approach provides only the access and data required to fulfill the consented service, and future-proofs your HR processes.

        Stale Data

        File feeds are obsolete as soon as they are generated. Using a real-time, API-based integration eliminates manual processes to distribute updated files and respond to requests for data reverification.

        Unnecessary File Feeds

        Preparing file feeds takes staff time and requires maintenance. With a real-time API established one time, these tasks are eliminated. Use controlled access and automation to simplify service delivery.

        Duplicate Integrations

        Many 3rd parties require similar, if not the same, data from the HCM. Why increase the effort and overhead of duplicate integrations when one streamlined API-based integration can service all of your HR vendor partners?

        Hidden Migration Costs

        Migrating from one HCM platform to another is notorious for time delays and cost overruns, largely due to the many 3rd party technologies that require access to data from the HCM. Mitigate project risk by unifying access to your HCM data through one streamlined, API-based integration.


        “We found a great partner in Vault Verify. They meet all our security requirements that are vital to protecting our employees’ data.”.”

        Walter Marques
        SR Director HR Operations, BeyondTrust
        Walter Marques
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