Nothing is better than hearing from a satisfied client, who is willing to help spread the word for us! Following is an email from a client of Vault Verify since 2019, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer with 1,500 employees. The client wrote the following testimonial to a potential client, describing her experience with Vault Verify. With her permission, her letter is shared here, verbatim:

“We used to use Equifax (The Work Number) and switched last year. The reasons we chose to switch were:

Cost: There are absolutely no fees with Vault Verify and we earn money on each commercial verification whereas with Equifax we had to pay a PEPM fee to have the service. The verification fees are also lower for the verifiers so it is a win for them as well.

Reliability: Vault Verify has never had a data breach. Equifax had that really big breach a couple of years back and I think they had more prior to that.

US-Based company: Every aspect of Vault Verify is US based. Their servers, the technology was founded in the US and their customer service (both employee and employer) are all in the US. Equifax had foreign customer service centers.

Ease of use: With Equifax employees had to have a PIN to use the services and it caused confusion for them and delayed the process. Vault Verify is much easier to use by just having our company code. Also, employees have the visibility of any verifications requested on the employee portal of the website. I don’t recall Equifax having that information.

Outside use of our employee data: I found out after leaving Equifax, that by being a customer of theirs, any verification requests that were done for one of our current or former employees, even if the verifier wasn’t asking for the information directly from us, they were still provided that information. For example, Company A is looking to hire Jane Doe who terminated with us 3 years ago. They reach out to her current employer who also happens to use Equifax and they get provided their information as well as our company’s information even though the verifier didn’t specifically request the information. With Vault Verify they do not get our employee information unless it is specifically requested for our company.

Business Partner: We had absolutely no business relationship with Equifax. We had a dedicated account person but it usually took multiple e-mails to get a response. They never made any effort to be engaging with how things were going, figure out how we could be better business partners, etc. Vault Verify actually initiated the business relationship by setting up a future meeting to discuss our company goals and anything they can do to be a better business partner as well as provide statistics on use of the product, discuss how we can get more verifiers to know we are using their service, etc.

I’m very glad we made the switch and wish I had known about them sooner. I have yet to hear any negative feedback, questions or concerns from any of our employees.”

It is very gratifying to receive a point-by-point assessment of our advantages, directly from a client.

We hope that this letter inspires you to discover how our VOE/VOI services may benefit your company in many ways.

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