HR Vendor Assessment In The Age of Employment Data Privacy – On-demand Webinar 8/9/2022

Vault Verify was pleased to partner with Fisher Phillips to deliver this webinar event on 8/9/2022, now available as a video, entitled “HR Vendor Assessment in the Age of Employment Data Privacy.”

Topics included:

  • Understanding, mitigating, and managing exposure to sensitive data.
  • How to identify, understand, and measure data exposure.
  • Steps to take to reduce your risk and limit exposure when sharing employee data with third parties.

As recently as two years ago, it seemed that only large multi-national businesses and EU-based corporations needed to worry about corporate data privacy. Today, it’s everyone’s concern. Not only do a growing number of states have new or pending legislation that places sweeping restrictions on the use of consumer and employee data, these restrictions place the responsibility squarely on you – the employer – to understand, manage, and mitigate exposure. And regardless of the law in your area, your employees now view the protection of their employment information to be your obligation – which means you need to be equipped to identify, understand, and measure your data exposure.


Risa Boerner – Partner/Co-Chair, Date Security & Workplace Privacy, Fisher Phillips

Usama Kahf – Partner/Co-Chair, Data Security & Workplace Privacy, Fisher Phillips

Bill Roy – President and Chief Revenue Officer, Vault Verify

If you would like to speak with Vault Verify about protecting your employee data when providing employment and income verifications, please click here.