Nearly All Firms Have Ties With Breached Third Parties

Your HR department might have fortified your employee data, but could there be an overlooked vulnerability? If you’re regularly sharing your employee data with an external HR Tech vendor, the answer is YES. “Nearly every company does business with — or uses the products of — a third party that has suffered a compromise, thus increasing their security risks” and by doing so, you’ve exposed your data to risks associated with their database security and data usage practices.

Data breaches are not just costly; they could also implicate you, even if the breach occurs through a third party. Fortunately, there’s a more secure approach. Learn how #VaultVerify safeguards your data with the Vault EDGe Gateway, an advanced real-time API that minimizes data exposure to only what’s necessary for authorized use.

“Nearly All Firms Have Ties With Breached Third Parties” appeared on on January 1, 2023.