Employee-Employer Trust Gap Widening – Here’s What HR Can Do

“72% of employees say that protecting employee data is a key requirement for employers to build employee trust,” according to PWC’s recent Trust in US Business Survey. In general, the employee-employer trust gap is widening. Employees expect their company to do what it can to safeguard PII entrusted to it. If your #HR team is exposing employee data in bulk, by transferring it to a third party HR tech vendor each pay period, then you are not fulfilling this basic responsibility. If you think there’s no alternative, that’s no longer true. The Vault EDGe Gateway is available, which acts as a data regulator to limit access to only the data required by HR tech vendors to perform their contracted service. You can only grant access to what’s needed for consented use.

“Employee-employer trust gap widening – here’s what HR can do” appeared on hcamag.com on April 19, 2024.