Looking to 2024: Data, AI and security will be top priorities for businesses

From an HR perspective, we heartily agree that data security issues will be at the forefront in 2024. “Companies will need to consider how they protect data from being accessed and used by unauthorized individuals, while at the same time giving those who need the data the required access.” Many HR departments provide their full employee data set to outside HRTech vendors, but it is simply unnecessary in today’s world. To minimize the exposure of all that data to a vendor who may not protect it as expected, the solution is to only provide access to the minimum data needed to perform the outsourced function, and to not allow offsite storage of further monetization of that data. At #VaultVerify this is exactly what we do with our Vault EDGe Gateway, through which we only access the data we need to fulfill employee-consented verifications, and never store or resell the data beyond that permissible purpose. Knowing your data is being properly managed provides great peace of mind, and allows you to focus on other important areas.

“Looking to 2024: Data, AI and security will be top priorities for businesses” appeared on technologyforyou.org on December 5, 2023.