Partnership Advantages

Vault Verify is pleased to partner with a leader in the tax credits service industry – HireCredit. HireCredit encourages you to forget the government forms and other headache-inducing processes you’ve grown accustomed to. Their technology and service make tax credit processing completely hassle-free. You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your taxes, while HireCredit does all the hard work of dealing with government forms and payroll compliance.

Unify your vendor processes to efficiently manage
tax credits and VOE/VOI reports!

The Vault EDGe Gateway provides real-time data for automated tax credit claims validation!

  • Both services benefit from real-time API integration
    • Secure data access
    • Most major HCM and payroll platforms
  • API provides accurate data for tax credit management:
    • New hire notification
    • Location
    • Wages paid
    • Hours worked

Financial incentives can reduce overall administration fees by 2% or more!

  • A portion of verifications revenue used to subsidize your tax credit administration fee.
  • HireCredit accesses the Vault EDGe Gateway for accurate real-time data, and also applies Vault Verify revenue sharing to reduce the cost of its tax credit services.
  • Ask about special pricing!

See how Vault Verify revenue sharing is able to reduce the overall cost of HireCredit’s program:

Meet Our Satisfied Clients

The partnership between HireCredit and Vault Verify yields strong HR and Tax tech synergies for our mutual clients. With one convenient portal and worry-free services, your HR department can gain many advantages. And the cost savings can be substantial.  Hear from satisfied clients about the many benefits when these two HR Tech vendors align!

“The HireCredit program goes above and beyond in identifying all posible tax credits. Not only are we able to identify which applicants prequalify but we can also see each new hire’s progression through the tax credit redemption process. It’s been great to have the HireCredit team to talk through survey performace and ways CBE can maximize its tax credit potential.”

Barb Findley

The HireCredit team has extensive experience and knowledge about all things related to tax credits. Their solution is very flexible, which allows them to adapt to the nuances of each client’s process. The EDGe Protect Gateway provides all the data they need to make a seamless process, eliminating the need to develop separate data access. Vault Verify and HireCredit share a common customer care philosophy, which shows in all their client interactions. I enjoy working with them and learn something new every time we present.

John Lamb
VP Business Development
Vault Verify

“Being the CEO, it’s incredibly important to me that my business finds new ways to serve out customers. When I initially made the decision to partner with HireCredit, I was not prepared for them to exceed expectations so quickly. They really do delight in serving their customers, and because of that, we now have an exceptional, nation-wide tax credit maximization service added to our repertoire. Knowing that we are putting money back in our customer’s pockets and providing the best payroll experience to date is a fantastic feeling.”

Andy Zelt

“The Vault Verify team was the absolute best business partner I have worked with in quite some time. They helped navigate a very complex situation with our HRIS partner to get to a point where our employment verification process was seamless. They truly went above and beyond to get us set up for success. My team is truly appreciative and look forward to a long partnership with Vault Verify! “

Teri Compton
Mount St. Joseph University

An industry-leading tax credit team,
for an amazingly low administrative fee!

Bundle HireCredit services with Vault Verify and save!

  • With HireCredit, you’ll receive employer tax credits – without the hassle!
  • HireCredit makes it easier for you to:
      • Identify Candidates Review
      • Stay Compliant
      • Get Tax Credits
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current HR platform and harness the benefits of real-time data through the Vault EDGe Gateway



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Donny Phillips

Director of Partnerships