Strengthening Data Defense: Insights From Recent Ransomware Attacks

Safeguarding data remains a paramount concern in 2024, and the risks are only expected to grow in the upcoming years. The recent surge in ransomware attacks highlights the urgent need for companies to fortify their defenses against unauthorized access and exploitation of sensitive information. As organizations grapple with the challenge of balancing data accessibility and security, it’s imperative to reassess existing protocols and practices.

HR departments have traditionally entrusted employee data to external HR Tech vendors which presents unnecessary risks. However, there is a way to mitigate the potential exposure of sensitive data to third parties. Check out how #VaultVerify has taken proactive measures to address these concerns through our Vault EDGe Gateway. Utilizing a real-time API, we restrict data exposure to the minimum, serving as a data regulator to grant HR tech vendors access solely to the data necessary for their contracted service, ensuring only consented use.

“Strengthening Data Defense: Insights From Recent Ransomware Attacks” appeared on on April 16, 2024.