Partnership Advantages

With our partnership with Mitratech, we can offer more advantages through our Vault EDGe Gateway solution, at a reduced price!

For HR professionals, Mitratech provides an end-to-end technology portfolio to simplify workforce management through comprehensive background screening, ongoing monitoring, mobile access, and award-winning I-9 capabilities. Mitratech serves over 7,000 organizations worldwide, spanning more than 160 countries.

Mitratech’s Tracker I-9 is an intuitive, cloud-based solution designed to help simplify and automate both in-person and remote new hire onboarding and I-9 management for HR and Legal teams. Built and backed by top-ranked immigration law experts, it’s the only end-to-end I-9 compliance software solution that’s maintained a perfect 20+ year track record of zero client fines in federal and ICE audits.

A combined solution for your
I-9 and VOE/VOI needs!

Vault Verify and Mitratech Data Flow Diagram

The Vault EDGe Gateway provides real-time data for I-9 Compliance Plus!

  • Both services benefit from real-time API integration and secure data stream
    • Most major HCM and payroll platforms
  • API provides timely alerts:
    • New hire notifications
    • I-9 expiry notifications
  • Seamless service integration
    • Report distribution
    • Transaction platform
Mitratech and Vault Verify Cost Savings Diagram

Financial incentives reduce overall service cost 25% or more!

  • A portion of verifications revenue used to subsidize your I-9 management cost.
  • The result: operational synergies at a reduced cost for you!
  • Call us to review your own custom savings.

See how Vault Verify revenue sharing subsidizes the cost of Mitratech’s I-9 services:

Mitratech Tracker I-9 Screenshots

The best I-9 management service, at the best price!

With a reduced Mitratech service cost, their industry-leading I-9 management can be available at a surprisingly affordable price!

  • Key features of Mitratech’s Tracker I-9 software:
    • Securely manage remote hires from any mobile or desktop device
    • Automate Smart Workflows and alerts to avoid timing delays and missing information fields
    • Leverage a Network Alliance of national I-9 experts to expedite remote-hire onboarding with just one click
    • Seamlessly integrate with your current HR platform and harness the benefits of real-time data through the Vault EDGe Gateway

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Donny Phillips

Director of Sales/Channels